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The official language of The Netherlands is Dutch (also known as Netherlandish), which is spoken by 14 million people. There are also nearly 6 million Dutch speakers in Belgium, mostly based in Flanders. English is widely (and well) spoken in Amsterdam as it is taught in schools from an early age. Many people also speak German, English and French.


Yes - Ja
No - Nee
Hello - Hallo
Goodbye - Tot ziens
Please - Alstublieft
Thank you - Dank u wel
My name is ... - Mijn naam is ... / ik heet ...
How are you? - Hoe gaat het?
I'm very well - Met mij gaat het goed
I feel ill - Ik voel me ziek
How much does it cost? - Hoeveel kost het?
Do you speak English? - Spreekt u Engels?
I don't understand - Ik begrijp het niet
Where is ...? - Waar is ...?
Entrance - Ingang
Exit - Uitgang
Danger - Gevaar
Open - Geopend
Closed - Gesloten
Toilets - Toiletten / WC
Doctor - Dokter
Hotel - Hotel
Restaurant - Restaurant
Beer - Bier
Wine - Wijn
Menu - Menu
Today - Vandaag
Tomorrow - Morgen

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