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Staying in touch

The main post office (`postkantoor', `PTT') is on the corner of the Singel near the Dam but there are many other smaller post offices; most are closed Saturdays, the main post office is open Saturday morning. The Dutch Telephone

Book is online (fill in the name and city of who you want to look up). Phoning from a hotel room can be expensive (ask first). There are two main types of telephone boxes on the streets: cash and phone-card. Phone cards can be bought in various denominations from railway stations, tobacconists, post offices and other shops. They are typically good for long distance calls. With cash phones you should insert money before dialling; unused coins are returned at the end of the call. Because of telephone liberalisation, there are now two different companies with telephone boxes on the street; their phone cards are alas not interchangeable. Most cafes have a public phone or will let you phone locally.

To make an international call, dial 00 followed by your country code, then the national area code (usually leaving off an initial 0) and then the local number.

Many countries have a `Call Direct' service, where a free call in the Netherlands puts you in touch with an operator in your own country where you can then arrange a reversed-charge or credit call. To dial these services, you dial 0800-022 and then a 4 digit code for the country you want. A list of these codes is in the Amsterdam Yellow Pages (`Gouden Gids').


You can get internet access at a number of places, including:

La Bastille Internetcafe
With 37 terminals modern times have entered this 17th century canal side house near the Leidse plein. Surfingtime and consumptions are stored on a smartcart, so you only pay once you leave.
Address: Lijnbaansgracht 246
Tel: (+31) 020 62 35 604

The MAD Processor
Open from 2.00pm till midnight except on Monday, but then you'll need to recover from the weekend anyway. Not just to check you e-mail but also to enter different network competitions.
Address: Bloemgracht 82
Tel: (+31) 020 4211 482

The Cyberc@fe
Very close to the central station
Address: Nieuwendijk 19
Tel: +31-20-6231546
With 600 terminals the largest Internet cafй in the world, it's a nononsense internetplace with a relatively small coffee counter. Access from: 2,50 NLG
Address: Regulierstraat 22

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet on the Haarlemmerdijk not the only Internet 'Coffeeshop' where you can blow and surf at the same time but convenient close to Central Station.
Address: Haarlemmerdijk

De Balie
Near the Leidse plein they offer free internet to go with a beverage or snack. In a former prison building this cafй is also a central place to meet your friends for a night on the town.
Address: Kleine Gartman Plantsoen 10
PC: 1017 RR
Tel: 020 553 5151

The Internetcafe
PC: 1012 TN
Address: Martelaarsgracht 11
Tel: 020-6271053
Pink Floyd Coffeeshop
A Coffeeshop with just tree screens to check your mail. The also offer sandwiches and smokes.
Address: Haarlemmerstraat 44

De Waag
De Waag is an early experiment with free internet in the Netherlands. In a nice setting (the builded used to house the oldest guild of medicine) you [more]
Address: Nieuwmarkt 4
PC: 1012 CR
Tel: : (+31)20 - 557 98 98
Fax: (+31)20 - 557 98 80

JoHo Cybercafes
Try surfing on a Mac. Actualy this is a shop, but you can surf, mail and chat for free.
Address: Taksteeg 8
Tel: (+31) 020 47 15 094
There are Internet phone booths at various places in the city, such as in the Spui, by the Westerkerk, by the Van Gogh Museum and Central Station. They cost f 0.25 for 1? minutes. You can use them for Web access. You need a KPN phone card to use one.

There are also internet phone booths at Schiphol airport, including phone jacks for direct connection of your portable computer.

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